Dear families,

Thank you for sharing your views at the academy proposal consultation meeting this week. You can click on the "Letters" tab for more information relating to the academy conversion proposal.

Lavender’s Information fayre!

It was wonderful to see so many of you at our Information Fair  and it was clear that you would like to see this become an annual event. During the fair, we asked for yours and your children’s thoughts on what is going well at Lavender and what we might do to improve things; these are listed below.

We also had some useful feedback on the event itself, with one of the notes suggesting that we hold it straight after school. I would like to let you know why we decided to started at 4pm. Firstly, our teachers and support staff would not have had enough time to dismiss their children then gather all the resources and set up their tables should the event have been straight after school. We also wanted to avoid any ‘crowding’ which would have meant a less pleasant experience for you at each table. However, we will consider this suggestion and ways in which we might be able to start the next one a bit earlier.

Comments made on the evening

What’s great at Lavender:

I like learning maths; the teachers of the school; everything in Lavender (even the class assemblies); that all the teachers are nice; we have our big playground back; science and the food; I like the science; school dinners (desserts are the best); I like drawing; I like the sports; that we get fun lessons and good school dinners; the head teachers are really nice; the maths lessons; I like the clubs; growth mindset; I love my school; everything; great teachers, great equipment, great friends; we get cool teachers; Lavender is a caring school; every day we learn a new thing; great teachers that engage the kids; family open evenings, parent participation, information sharing; great staff; Paris trip for y6; Ipads, cursive handwriting; food; the subjects are so simple and challenging to do; Olympics Week; school dinners, lessons and desserts; amazing teachers; I really like the Numicon and new handwriting; new handwriting style; growth mindset philosophy, effort is rewarded, no one is scared to make a mistake.

What would make it even better:

A grass football pitch; school dinners to be nicer; please no homework in the holidays (kids need family time) please can we have a parent consultation on this; more music; pens; teach Spanish; more clubs please; SPAG SATs for y6 are ridiculous in my opinion (but I know this is a national thing); nothing wrong with Lavender; still a little more notice of some events (though this has improved greatly already); there’s nothing I can think of; year two swimming; better communication and notice of events for parents; a slide; more toys; more learning; one Ipad each for every classroom; a football pitch; not anything; nothing can make Lavender better.

Feedback on the event:

Communicate reception induction process at open evenings; hold this info evening starting straight after school; outstanding information fair; info stalls great for new parents; I like the flapjacks; the food was plain; what I really liked today was the science; it was very useful and informative; loved the range of information about all aspects of school life.

We will consider this feedback and let you know of actions that will be taken as a result of it.

I would like to say a public thank you to the Lavender Staff Team for the hard work and time they put into the evening as well as a big thank you to all our families for your continued support and attendance at such events – it makes it all worth it!

Lesley Hill (Associate Headteacher)

Year 6 Saturday School

Saturday school is continuing after the Easter holidays so if you have signed up your child for Saturday tuition, please check the dates and times on the letter sent home. If you have any queries, you can contact Kerry McKewan through the school office.

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Fabulous Work Exhibition

Wow- what a wonderful evening we had at our Fabulous Work Exhibition! Please check our school news page for photos. A huge thank you to all the children who presented their work so beautifully and to all the parents and carers who came along too. 

Year 6 visit to Cambridge University

We are very proud of our year 6 pupils who were commended for their enthusiasm and behaviour on the trip. Eve Berwin, from the university's Faculty of Education commented"The aim of the day was to get the pupils thinking about what they want to do when they're older and how they are going to achieve those goals. I was extremely impressed with the pupils' motivation and creativity; they were all really eager to learn and they all asked really great questions. It was a real pleasure to work with the pupils and their teachers." – Eve Please click on the link at the bottom of the page to read the university's article about their visit.

Building Work Update

The kitchen is finished! Children watched Niamh Bays, our Chair of Governors, cut the purple ribbon to officially open our new school kitchen. We are very pleased to have our playground back and a fantastic place for our staff to prepare the children's meals. Many thanks for your patience during the building works.

Take a look at the school news page on this website to keep up to date with everything else that is happening at Lavender.

Dates for your Diary


Thursday 12th May Academy conversion Parent consultation drop-in 3.30pm-7.30pm

Friday 27th May

Finish for half term- normal times

Monday 6th June


Children not in school

Tuesday 7th June

Children come back to school

Wednesday 22nd June

Thomas class sharing assembly

Wednesday 6th July

Blake class sharing assembly

Wednesday 20th July

 “Fabulous Work” Exhibition

Thursday 21st July

End of term- finish at 2.30pm






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  2. Year 6 visit to Cambridge